The UNB Women in Sport team was created based on the inspiration of university students who recognized the barriers that girls and women in sport face, and felt the need to push for change. We advocate for gender equity in sport, and promote female participation and inclusion in sport. We are committed to creating more opportunities for girls and women in sport on campus and in the community, and connecting students with influential women in sports, business and leadership. We aim to educate and empower girls and women so that they can succeed in sports and life.


We strive to use the power of sport to drive change. 



"Gender Equity is the process of allocating resources, programs, and decision making fairly to all genders without any discrimination on the basis of gender, and addressing any imbalances in the benefits available to people of different genders."

                                                              - Canadian Women & Sport

Photo credits: U SPORTS

What we are doing to promote gender equity in sport

Speaking Up

Celebrating Women in Sport

Educating Ourselves & Others

Communicating Opportunities

Inviting Women

Connecting Allies