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Andrea Creer - You Know Her, You Love Her

Updated: Mar 25

Andrea (She/Her/Hers) is a recent graduate from the University of New Brunswick, while completing a Bachelor of Recreation and Sport Studies with a Minor in Management she was also a key member of various on-campus initiatives, including the inception of UNB Women in Sport. Andrea's dedication to her studies and the UNB community includes a multitude of activities and involvement. Over her undergraduate degree, Andrea participated and led initiatives through UNB Reds Athletics, the UNBSU, and as a residence life leader. In addition, during her degree, she completed two projects with the UNB Faculty members that incorporated youth organization mergers and a provincial level sports competition. Throughout her undergraduate degree, Andrea was able to dive further into the field of sport and recreation by merging her enjoyment of sport with practical internship opportunities. Andrea completed three consecutive summer positions and one internship associated with the sport and recreation sector, with Coach New Brunswick (NB) and one with Aboriginal Sport Recreation New Brunswick (ASRNB), respectively.

Andrea grew up as a competitive swimmer and competed as a Red in her first year as a UNB student. Through her years of participation as a swimmer, Andrea took the initiative to begin her coaching pathway at a young age. Over the past ten-plus years and through the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP), Andrea is completing her coach education and is continuing to grow her knowledge, currently working towards her Level 2 NCCP status. Andrea hopes to one day become a recognized Learning Facilitator within the NCCP and instruct young coaches throughout their coach education pathway. Andrea currently works as an assistant coach for a local swim club, Fredericton Aquanauts Swim Team (FAST), and is in charge of developing and adjusting the season training plan for in the pool and on land components. Andrea believes that sport can create a fun environment and atmosphere for inclusion and an outlet for the community. She also believes that how people expose youth to sport is an influential factor in whether or not they will stay in the sport. In addition, she thinks that sport has to be inclusive and has to be accessible to those who can access it. Though Andrea is aware that her positive experiences through sport may differ from others, her goal is to learn about the differing experiences of all and how she may help further all sports participation in the positive way she experienced it.

Today, Andrea is working as a Project Assistant for a consulting firm working on an Envisioning Sports Project for SportNB. In addition, Andrea is also working full time as a Next Gen Project Manager in creating and developing a youth centered professional development within Indigenous communities through a youth-led program. Andrea accredits the background her education gave her into considerations going into the field of sport and recreation. Her BRSS education gave her a knowledgeable foundation of sport and recreation, which she will utilize at various moments throughout her career. Andrea's practical experiences during her degree are some of the most valuable moments and knowledge she has received. Andrea will continue to rely on them throughout her post-grad career too.

Andrea is just one example of the many women working, innovating and enhancing the field of sport and recreation for those who participate in it. Her contributions to UNB, UNB WIS and her community members are much appreciated. We thank her for taking the time to share her experiences as our October Friday Female Feature.

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"Don't be shy to connect with people. Say yes to an experience you feel underqualified for and ask questions, whether you think you are ridiculous or not, someone is always willing to help."

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