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Seven Women in Sport Must-Reads

Updated: Mar 25

2022 brings a new year, experiences, goals, and aspirations. With the new year, some individuals may be more inclined to include new hobbies into their daily routine. For those looking to incorporate more reading into their daily routine in 2022, we recommend the following books that highlight, celebrate, and support women in sport.


1. Little Book of Women in Sport by Andrew Podnieks (2018)

Small but mighty, Podneicks Little Book of Women in Sport is the perfect compact celebration of what women have accomplished in their field of play over the decades.

2. The Girl and the Game: A History of Women's Sport in Canada by M. Ann Hall (2016)

The Girl and the Game provides a more in-depth history of sport in Canada, with impactful notes and discussions of the notion of sport being a site of cultural struggle and resistance for women.

3. Open Heart, Open Mind by Clara Hughes (2017)

One of Canada's greatest and most celebrated multi-sport Olympians, Clara Hughs, opens up to readers and explores the relevant topic of mental health. In this moving memoir, Hughs discusses her personal experience and journey through mental health struggles and how she came to lead a life where love and understanding can prevail.

4. Women in Sports: 50 Fearless Athletes Who Played To Win by Rachel Ignotofsky (2017)

This beautifully illustrated book provides a landscape of women who fearlessly concurred their sport in impactful ways. From the first female athletes in the 1800s to today, Ignotofsky inspires the next generation of female athletes and competitors to reach for the stars just like their role models did.

5. Over the Boards: Lessons from the Ice by Hayley Wickenheiser (2021)

The G.O.A.T. Hayley Wickenheiser shares her triumphs, defeats, lessons and pearls of wisdom learned on and off the ice throughout her incredible career. Starting from the beginning and her first experience on her backyard rink, Wickenheiser shares her life's story in a captivating way that makes you become an even bigger fan of hers.

6. Playing it Forward: 50 Years of Women and Sports in Canada edited by Guylaine Demers, Lorraine Greaves, Sandra Kirby (2014)

Though a few years older, this book still holds importance through an inspiring collection of stories from women in sport: athletes, coaches, leaders, and activists for women's sport, who have done so much to foster change. Though there is still a distance to go, this book shows the distance society has come and the tremendous debt owed to the women who fought for today's inclusion and equitable opportunities in sport.

7. Breaking Through : Heros in Canadian Women's Sport

by Sue Irwin (2018)

Are you looking for a book to leave you inspired and proud to be Canadian supporting women in sport? Look no further. This book spotlights the achievements of Canadian women in sports, which over the years have become the role models of today's young female athletes.


These seven books can be purchased via the Indigo website or you can click the book titles directly.

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